About Temple

Temple Coffee is a quality-focused retail and wholesale roaster based in Sacramento, California. We travel to origin multiple times a year to source the finest craft coffees and build sustainable, direct relationships with farms, often paying premiums well above fair-trade price. The result is award-winning, 90+ point farm-to-cup coffees, including the #1 Coffee of 2013 by CoffeeReview.com. Our beautifully designed cafes feature multiple espressos (blend and single-origin), as well as rare coffees in a French press and pour over, all prepared by our friendly, thoroughly-trained baristas.

We believe that customer service is key, that our café patrons appreciate our inner coffee-geekiness, and we encourage our wholesale customers to help us spread our coffee-collective. We also feature monthly coffee education courses for customers on home brewing, tasting, and espresso preparation, as well as free, weekly cuppings.

Temple has achieved many awards and accolades, which you can view below. A simpler, tastier way to enjoy our vision is to visit one of our cafes, or just give us a call. Do you have an urge to experience, create, and share your own coffee experience? 
Temple… Temple… Temple. That wasn’t mind control, just a suggestion. We can help.

Contact: info@templecoffee.com | 916.454.1282

Some of our accolades include:

  • “Top 30 Coffees of 2013” – Temple Coffee 1st place, 96pt Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX
  • Top 1 of 17 Coffee Roaster in the U.S. by CNN and Fortune Magazine
  • 95 points, Kenya Makwa AB, February 2014
  • 94 points, El Salvador Santa Elena Honey Pacamara, February 2014
  • 95 points, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX Auction Lot, February 2014
  • 93 points, Guatemala El Diamante Patricia Diaz Microlot, February 2014
  • 96 points, Panama Los Lajones Bambu Geisha, December 2013
  • Voted Best Coffee House and Best Customer Service since 2005 by SN&R
  • Guatemala Hunapu coffee scored 97 on Coffee Review, October 2010
  • Featured articles in Sunset Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Sacramento News and Review
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