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Farm to Cup: Africa

Farm to Cup: Africa | Temple Coffee from Temple Coffee on Vimeo.

Temple Coffee Q and A with Diego Guardia of Hacienda Sonora, Costa Rica

Briefly, please explain your family history, your involvement in coffee, and your involvement in your local community?

The farm has been in the family for over a hundred years. My dad and I work together in order to satisfy the countless details that come with producing quality coffee, from the seeds to the primmest green coffee ready to be exported. The farm itself is a small local community, where the workers enjoy competitive wages, free housing, and health care. We generate all the energy used in the farm with a small but very efficient water turbine, so the workers and their families also don’t have to worry about paying for electricity.

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A trip to Sustainable Market Services (SMS), Thika, and traceability in Kenya? Say what?

More cupping, a trip to Sustainable Market Services (SMS), Thika, and traceability in Kenya? Say what?

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A Day in the Office – Nairobi, Kenya

Today is a day of cupping in the office of my Kenyan coffee exporter. They are currently in the peak of selecting auction lot coffees to purchase. Now, to most of us in the states, this sounds like it would be great, however all is not what it may appear to be.Continue Reading

Ramblings from over the Atlantic Ocean. Post 1, Kenya and Uganda 2013

For the past 6 months, I have been planning and organizing a truly sustainable, traceable way to purchase coffee from East Africa, mainly Kenya and Ethiopia. Many people have told me that is impossible, and that maybe true, but I believe that I made leeway, and developed a great relationship to help “crack the co-op”. Continue Reading

Temple Direct 2013

What make Temple Coffee sourcing different? Well, for one we are initiating a few new, ground-breaking, coffee industry firsts, sourcing projects or as I like to call them, “Missions” for 2013. Here’s a short tidbit about our Brazil project that has been in the works since July, 2012. We are now just starting to taste the fruits of our planning…

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