Temple Coffee Home Brewing Guide: Home Coffee Drip
Temple Coffee Home Brewing Guide: Home Drip Machine

Home Coffee Maker (drip) is the coffee maker most commonly found in households. Even though we do not recommend this type of brewer, unless it is a Technivorm or other quality home coffee maker, we have some recommendations and guidelines that will help you make the best possible coffee. The key to getting great results are: using fresh high quality beans, getting the correct grind with a burr grinder, and a clean filter.

Equipment: Home coffee maker, table spoon, and burr grinder.

  1. Measure out the correct amount of water to the ratio of coffee that you will be using. We recommend 4 tablespoons to 10oz. of water.
  2. Put the water in the coffee maker (without the coffee) and brew. This will preheat your water. One of the dilemmas with most home coffee maker is that they do not have the ability to properly heat the water to 195-205 F.
  3. After it is done brewing, grind your coffee. The correct grind will be slightly larger than the size of table salt.
  4. Put the coffee inside your filter basket and use the preheated water to start brewing, this way you will have eliminated the dilemma of not having hot enough water, which ensure that your coffee is not underextracted. Underextraction brings out sour, flat flavor characteristics.
  5. After brewing, pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.

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