Temple Coffee Home Brewing Guide: Pour Over

Pour Over Brewing Guide

Coffee | 20 grams
or 3 heaping tablespoons

Temperature | 201°F

Grind | Drip

Time | 3 minutes

H20 Vol | 10 oz/280 grams

Pour–Over is an easy way to make a good single cup of coffee. The key to getting great results are using high quality fresh beans, correct grind, and filtered water.

Place the cone on your waste cup. Fold the filter at its seams and place inside the cone. Bring the water to just under a boil (200 – 205ºF). Run hot water through the filter to rinse out the paper flavor and preheat the cone. Allow the water to drain completely.

Grind the coffee medium – fine with a quality burr grinder (not a blade grinder). We recommend 3 heaping tablespoons of fresh ground coffee to make 8 oz of brewed coffee (2 oz of water will be absorbed into the grounds). Add the coffee to the filter.

Pour just enough water into the cone to saturate the grounds and allow them to bloom. After 15 seconds, slowly pour the rest of the water in a spiral to break down the bloom and allow for even extraction. Do not pour on the sides of the filter. The grounds should be evenly colored.

Once you have brewed 8 oz of coffee in your cup, quickly move the cone to the waste cup and allow to drain completely. Enjoy!



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