Aero Press

 Temple Coffee Brewing Guide: Aeropress

aeropress coffee brewing guide

Grind | Coarse

Time | 4 min

The specialty coffee industry uses the aeropress as a French press filtered with paper, which makes clean up easy.

1. Pull your aeropress apart into the open position. Place it upside down with the paper filter on top. Unscrew the top.

2. Put your coffee inside.

3. Start your timer. Add water half way to the top, and stir to saturate the grounds. Then, fill to the top of the aeropress with water and screw on the paper filter top.

4. At 4 minutes, flip it right side up and press into your cup.

Use these parameters to brew great coffee:

  • Coffee | 20 grams or 3 heaping tablespoons
  • H20 Temperature | 201°F underboil by 30 seconds
  • H20 Vol | 10 oz/280 grams
  • Grind | Drip is medium fine & slightly larger than table salt. Coarse is sea salt size.

Key to Great Results | fresh high quality beans, the correct grind with a burr grinder, filtered water, timer, a clean filter.

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