"Farm To Cup" Sourcing

Sourcing, the word itself, in normal context, does not convey provoking thoughts much like the words buying, or trading. To most people, these are relatively simple words but to us at Temple, "sourcing" encompasses an idea of true sustainability.

Our direct-sourcing program, "Farm to Cup" is modeled to incorporate true sustainability, social, economical, and environmental. There are many coffee companies who attempt to lay ground work on their own. Temple's sourcing is based in strengthening infrastructure throughout the supply chain as a more efficient and truly sustainable way to source. This is not easy since there are many steps to bring coffee, "Farm to Cup".

Working from consumer to producer, our customers, Baristas, packing, roasting, importer, exporter, green packing, dry mills, resting location and packing, wet mills, transportation to wet mills, and lastly the grower are only the main steps in coffee preparation. In order to ensure the highest quality cup, and what we believe as sustainable sourcing, we must make partners and friends throughout the supply chain. We do this in order to control quality in every step of coffee travel, set payment in a transparent way, reach out to communities around the world, and ensure a high standard of farming practices.

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