Name Our New Farm to Cup House Blend


Sacramento, we need your help!


We’ve got a new house blend rolling out July 1st, comprised of all Farm-to-Cup direct coffees. We need a name not so…house-blendy. Something locally-inspired or farm-to-cup related. If we pick your name, along with seeing your contribution on every bag of our new blend, you’ll receive a custom-printed bag of coffee with your name on it as well as a Temple Coffee hat and gift card!


Deadline is June 30th. Submit your idea with a comment below, tweet us @templecoffee, or e-mail

4 Responses to Name Our New Farm to Cup House Blend

  1. Corinne says:

    Midtown Blend

    Farm 9 (as in farm to original 9th St location)

  2. Gary Cuchna says:

    Farmhouse Roast or Farmhouse Blend

  3. Mel says:

    Farm Fusion
    Farm Fresh Fusion
    Midtown Meld

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