New Farm to Cup House Blend Contest Winner



Temple’s definition of success is synonymous with sustainability. To us, sustainability is not a buzz word, it’s a way of life. The architecture of sustainability rests on three pillars: social, fiscal, and environmental. In order to ensure the highest quality cup, and build truly sustainable sourcing, we make partners and friends throughout the supply chain and control quality in every step of coffee travel, set payment in a transparent way, reach out to communities around the world, and ensure a high standard of farming practices.


Our new Farm to Cup house blend is comprised of three direct trade coffees: Brazil Araponga, Costa Rica Sonora Estate Honey Catuai, and Guatemala Hunapu. We crafted this blend to please the coffee lover in us all. It’s crisp, clean, floral flavors make it accessible to both connoisseur and grandmother.


So, three direct trade coffees and three integral elements of sustainability? May we present to you our new Farm to Cup house blend name: THREE PILLARS.


Congratulations to Joaquin Garcia for this thoughtful submission via Instagram. And thank you to everyone else who submitted. We had some really great ideas come our way, and we thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. Keep being awesome, Sacramento.

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