2016 Sustainability Report Card


February: “Introducing Return to Origin: A Step Towards a More Transparent Future” Update

Since releasing our RTO Report, we have caused some industry waves. We have received recognition by TransparentTradeCoffee.org, a non-profit company powered by the SE@G and an academic center within the Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

Moreover, the RTO report has educated, increased dialogue both within and outside the professional coffee world, and presented consumers with more insight to the coffee trade. That was our goal from day one, and we feel great having accomplished that.

Our RTO report showed an average RTO of 32%! Ultimately, this means that 32% of the bag of whole bean coffee you purchased from Temple went back to the supply chain. You should be proud of this contribution and we definitely are!

We have also reached XXXX people so far. Here are a few examples of how the RTO report started a dialogue within the community among consumers and coffee professionals:

“I LOVE your approach here and I think it is one of the more progressive and clear models I’ve seen a small roaster adopt. I’m just an advocate for the small-holder and would love to see how you involved them more at as you develop this further.” -Steven Vic, African Coffee Roasters and Beanstock, formerly with Blue Bottle Coffee and Intelligentsia Coffee.

“Nice start, Eton Tsuno. Seems Temple Fine Coffee and Tea deals more with micro-lot offers and fine, single estate coffees. Acquiring transparency on the wash-station level would be better suited for bulk buyers with more influence, money, and market share in this area… detailed data pertinent to price discovery which could be useful in the global effort in transparency. Sharing is caring. Let’s work together.” -Leslie H Freitag, Coffee producer, Finca Deborah, Volcan, Panama.

“This is so important. What an exciting, forward-thinking leadership move!” @junderland

“Love this. Read your whole post. Exactly what I’ve been looking for as I am considering future work in coffee.” @eighteenchains

“Working on purchasing/supply chain for many years, it’s good to know that a growing company such as you want to let they customers know where their hard-earned money is going. Also why it’s so worth the money to spend on such a good quality as Temple Coffee. Good job guys!” @clumsyninja

If you would like to see an updated RTO report, click here. To read more about RTO, click here.