2016 Sustainability Report Card


April: “Temple Coffee’s Sustainability Bonus” Update

 For April, we started our very own companywide Sustainability Bonus program. The program was outlined to our employees as follows:

As a company becoming more focused on how sustainable business practices, we’d like to encourage our team members to be more aware of their own actions as well. To do this, we’ve created the Temple “Employee Sustainability Program” (ESP).

 Temple’s ESP is an open platform in which individual employees or groups of up to three create a project that contribute to sustainability either environmentally, socially, and/or economically. Maybe you ride your bike to work instead of drive for six months to reduce carbon emissions or volunteer at a local soup kitchen once a month. You can even think of things that can be done at your Temple location while at work. The possibilities are endless.

 Each Temple location will have one winning project. We will also have an overall winner given to one location (retail or roasterie/office) for the store that has the most impact overall. Prizes will include $50 ESP bonuses to each individual winner, one extra staff outing for location to be combined or used separately with existing outings, features on Temple Coffee’s blog, and all social media outlets. Oh, don’t forget the feeling of doing something good.

 Again, projects can focus on anything regarding sustainability (economic, environmental, social) at work or at home and should be viewed as at least a six-month commitment. All projects will need an outline and goal, how goal will be reached, expected impact, how impact will be measured, and challenges that you expect along the way. 

 As an update, we received three entries into the Temple Coffee ESP program. We will be giving updates on all three  projects after their completion in September.