2016 Sustainability Report Card


May: “A Sustainable May: Community Projects in Uganda and Sacramento” Update


 At Temple Coffee, we reach out to our communities here in Sacramento and around the world via coffee. In May we introduced a long-term project we are working on in Uganda. Since then, it has also been featured in Barista Magazine.

We are also excited to announce that the first coffee from Kanungu, Uganda will be hitting USA shores in the first half of August! Look for this coffee in September or October.


Goodwill Partnership

In May, we also outlined our partnership with Goodwill and their job placement program. To recap, Temple is helping to set-up a cafe-specific job placement program so that participants are able to build their resume with direct, relevant experience in the field they wish to pursue. Goodwill faced difficulties securing funding for this program, so getting it off the ground proved challenging. But just YESTERDAY we received word that all funding has been green-lighted and they are placing an equipment order TODAY! We’re very excited to report our progress with this unique community project in a few months, as we’ll now be able to make significant headway.


Temple Barista To Origin

To bridge the gap from producers of coffee and the baristas that prepared coffee, Temple hopes to send an outstanding employee to coffee origin each year. Recently, we sent our barista April Sullivan to Guatemala. Here, April visited Luis Pedro’s farm in Antigua and worked in their cafe for a week. April came back changed  and enthusiastic about the experience,  sharing stories with her co-workers and daily customers. With it being the first year sending a retail employee to origin, it was great to see the morale it instilled in our company. It’s a small step in bridging communities with the same goal: to create and serve beautiful coffee.


We’ve already seen results from just committing to tracking and publishing our sustainable business practices. It lets us know where we are succeeding, and where we have failed, and by making that information public, it pushes us to even higher standards. We will continue to update you on our progress throughout the year!

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