A Day in the Life of a Coffee Trainer

By Elise Richardson, Temple Coffee Educator

There are quite a few people, including our own staff, that are curious about what I do on a day to day basis. As a Training Department, we are responsible for acclimating all of our new employees to the café, either as a Register Operator or as a Barista. Our new employees go through a two-day intensive training about general coffee and tea knowledge as well as Temple’s practices and procedures. They are then put through two days of on-site training where they are shown their daily responsibilities and introduced to our POS system. Our Baristas are always promoted from within. Every employee must first start out on register to ensure they are familiar with café operations before becoming a Temple Barista. But before that happens, they must complete their Barista training.

Our Barista Training Program is quite intense. It’s 15 days long (which roughly comes out to 100 hours) and covers espresso and milk theory, latte art, cleaning and equipment maintenance, bar-flow, and service guidelines. They are given three written tests and two practical exams. Once they pass their final exam, they have two days of on-site training to ensure their transition is smooth and that drink quality is of the highest standard. This extensive training (and, might I say, unusually in-depth preparation) helps to ensure that our baristas are making exceptional beverages from the very first drink they serve to our customers. After three months on bar, they are given an additional follow-up training to fix any bad habits that may have developed and to offer constructive feedback.

In addition to our in-house training, we also teach all of Temple’s wholesale accounts. There are over one hundred restaurants, hotels, and bakeries that serve our coffee just in the Sacramento area alone. That number is growing rapidly throughout the entire state. For each and every account, we offer three days of hands-on training in our Sacramento warehouse. This training covers how to taste and extract espresso, how to steam and pour latte art, how to brew coffee using various manual devices, and how to create an efficient bar flow. Sometimes these wholesale trainings are off-site in specific cafes, requiring us to travel anywhere from San Francisco to Los Angeles. These wholesale accounts are then offered one follow-up training day every six months to ensure they are keeping up with standards and continuing their coffee education. To learn more about our wholesale program, you can visit templecoffee.com/wholesale.