A Day in the Life of a Coffee Trainer

The other aspect of a Trainer’s job involves public education. Every Friday we host free public coffee tastings, no RSVP necessary! The topics of each class varies week to week. Past topics have included brewing demos, the effects of water quality and grind size, and traditional coffee cuppings. You can find a posted schedule on our memo board in stores or online in the monthly event blog. We also offer more in-depth classes each month which include palate development, home brewing variables, and our very popular hands-on Barista class. In the four hour Barista class, participants use an espresso machine and learn how to dial-in espresso, steam milk, clean properly, maintain the equipment, and even pour latte art. More information on these classes can be found on our website templecoffee.com/service.

Temple’s Training Department is also involved in planning and hosting community events. We are a founder of Specialty Coffee Week Sacramento, held in October. Some of the events include a Battle of the Brews where local baristas are paired up with bartenders to create unique specialty coffee cocktails. We also host a Cup Tasters Challenge where competitors taste and identify the subtle differences in various cups of coffee. This past year, Temple hosted a roasting seminar in our warehouse, lead by our Director of Coffee and Head Roaster. Our Training Department also taught a free hands-on brewing seminar and taught the public how to make the perfect brew using a Chemex. At the end of Specialty Coffee Week, the SPLAT (Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament) finale came to an end, and one of our own Temple baristas took first place and was rewarded coffee equipment and a cash prize.

On days that we aren’t doing trainings, we are creating and refining our operating procedures and performing quality control in each of our cafes. We are constantly re-evaluating how we teach and improving the ways we give out information. We recently went through an entire overhaul of our new employee material, as a means to make our trainings more interactive and concise. Our introductory trainings now include special breaks for espresso and coffee tastings, providing new employees with some hands-on experience even before they enter the café. On a quarterly basis, we complete in-depth store reports which cover everything from tasting brewed items like cold brew and iced teas, tracking average register transaction times, monitoring roasted coffee freshness and rotation, evaluating customer interactions, and observing general café cleanliness.

Overall, the Training Department stays busy. As we learn and further our own education, we are able to refine our teaching methods to help our team learn and grow as well. We constantly strive to improve the consistency and quality in our cafes to make sure that every guest experience is exceptional. By setting the bar high from day one, our team members are able to provide you with excellent and consistent coffee experiences each and every time.