April 2019 Coffee Events

Traditional Cupping | April 5th | Temple Training Room, 2825 S St at 12pm
Cupping is perhaps the most important skill a coffee professional can develop. Come to the Training Room, 2825 S street, at 12pm to practice and better your palate as we taste some of our new and exciting coffee offerings this month.

Coffee Break at 9th St | April 12th | 1010 9th St at 12pm
Iced coffee. Yes, it’s that time of the year. Flash brewing iced coffee on a V60 is an awesome way to make a single cup of clean fresh iced coffee at your leisure. Come to our Downtown location, 1010 9th street, at 12pm for some tricks and pointers for making iced pour overs yourself. If you are a fan of iced coffee, this tasting is for you!

Keep Midtown Caffeinated at K St | April 19th | 2200 K St at 12pm
Coffee is the seed of a fruit, and how the fruit is removed influences greatly the overall taste of the cup. Learn some nerdy information about coffee processing at 2200 K street, Sacramento at 12pm and taste back to back how different processes affect a coffee’s flavor, acidity, and body.

Tasty Time at Fair Oaks Blvd. | April 26th | 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 101 at 12pm
Are you getting sour astringent coffee at home and can’t figure out why? One of the biggest factors that affect how your coffee tastes is your grind size. At our Arden-Arcade location, 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 101, at 12 pm we will taste just how much our grind size affects our flavor and how to troubleshoot common errors in brewing so you can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee every time.