April’s Excellent Adventure (to Origin)



Guatemala is one of the top ten major global exporters of coffee. The city of Antigua in particular is beautiful in respect to its colonial architecture from its past Spanish occupation in addition to its scenic surroundings.

Antigua, Guatemala is surrounded by mountains in addition to two major volcanoes, which contribute to its terroir. High quality coffee grown in Antigua is known for its complex yet balanced flavor profile: chocolate, spice, caramel, and wonderfully bright finish.

It is here that Luis Pedro produces coffee. Luis Pedro is a fourth-generation farmer, and Temple has had the pleasure of trading with him directly for years. As a partnership program, Luis Pedro invited a barista from Temple Coffee to work in his café, Bella Vista Coffee, and tour his coffee plantation and mills, Finca Bella Vista.

That’s where I come in!



What did my trip entail? Temple was sending me to spend an entire week – an entire week! – in Antigua, Guatemala in hopes that we can learn from one another. During the entirety of my stay, I was expected to work in the café and in exchange, I would receive a personal tour of both the plantation and Luis Pedro’s processing mills.

As an employee for Temple, learning about how and where the coffee is grown is a must. It’s one thing to read about the coffee we serve, it’s another to actually experience it. Luis Pedro is known for producing 93+ point coffees and consistently being a contender for Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence, but to be shown in person how much foresight, trial and error, and care goes into growing and processing and cupping that goes into the coffee you enjoy at Temple today was a revelation.