April’s Excellent Adventure (to Origin)



My first day in the café! Proud to say I did not get lost this time around. Bella Vista Coffee is a producer-owned café, which means that Luis Pedro serves coffee he has grown there in Guatemala.

They use a Guatemalan blend for their espresso, which is full-bodied partnered with cocoa, caramel, vanilla notes with a smooth, sweet finish.

As a Monday, it was a generally slow day, but it was great making coffee for people that first day. Every person that came in ordered espressos or Americanos, stopped to talk to me about coffee, myself, and about Temple. I also got to meet a few people there on specialty coffee business as well, which was very cool.

I spent the day trying to communicate with my coworkers via broken Spanish, English, and really through an awesome game of Charades. My new friend, Karina, had some Geisha coffee and asked me to make a chemex, and it was damn good. It took some time to get acquainted with the equipment. They were pulling espresso at a dry weight of 18g at 25-28 seconds. After dialing in, I was happy with 18g, 27 sec, and 29g.



We had people come in right as the doors opened this morning. I dialed in very quickly, and in quick succession, I made some Americanos, espressos, and macchiatos. Such a world of difference; I probably made two lattes the entire week I was there! Whether it be a local or traveler, there seemed to be a deep appreciation for coffee.

This day, I met my new friend, Jonathan, a young dude from Oregon cultivating his interest in coffee. I later found out he was able to participate in the visiting barista program right after I left. He was nice enough to contribute some pictures of his tour as well.