April’s Excellent Adventure (to Origin)



Before coffee is exported, it is processed through hulling machinery that takes the parchment off. The coffee is then taken to a densimetric machine, which Finca Bella Vista decided to name “Oliver.” Oliver helps in sorting the coffee to be graded. It sifts the coffee by size, and uses vibration to separate coffee by density. It is then separated by size, shade, and color. Any beans deemed defective are sorted into different bags. Finally, the coffee is bagged and stored. A random sample will be sent for cupping in quality control.



After the tour, I was invited to cup some samples with Bella Vista’s head of quality control. While we waited for the coffee to cool, we watched telenovellas on youtube. I also learned that their head of quality control has worked there for fifteen years. Everyone that works there has worked there for an average of five years. The one guy that I met that worked there for two years mentioned that his dad had worked for the farm.