Coffee-Infused Caramel Summertime Ice Cream Magic

By Natalie Quach, Temple Coffee Art Director

Hello, world! It’s summer! To some people, summer means ice cream trucks, pool parties, and awesome tans. To me, summer is just winter except for the increased amount of sweating I do in my non-AC kitchen while experimenting with food. Last weekend I think I lost five pounds in water weight while I made croissants and a strawberry galette from scratch. 

So this week I thought to myself, “Natalie, if we’re going to get sweaty, we might as well make something literally cool, right?” For this edition of “What Junk Natalie Makes in her Kitchen”, I’d like to present the ultimate summer treat: ice cream with ✨Coffee-Infused Caramel Sauce✨You are more than welcome to try this sauce in your morning cup of coffee, on your breakfast toast, or just enjoy it by the spoonful standing in front of the fridge at midnight. I won’t tell anyone. 

I enjoy caramel sauce on good ol’ fashioned vanilla ice cream (for all of my kindred overachievers, my recipe for vanilla ice cream is on page 2), but you can also pour it on chocolate ice cream for a decadent treat. Or bedazzle some Chunky Monkey for a bananas foster approach. Or (here’s a revolutionary idea) just put it on a frozen banana. You really can’t go wrong.

I highly recommend weighing your ingredients beforehand, just like the superstar chefs you see on TV. Caramel is easier to make than you think! So set yourself up for success and weigh the good stuff out.

Add your water, sugar, salt, and coffee into your steel saucepan and stir it up, little darlin’, stir it up. But don’t use a whisk (pictured above). Use a fork!
When you add all of the main ingredients into the pot, it’ll look like this witchy abyss.
This caramel is different from others in that you can’t quite judge the progress of your sugar because of the added coffee. I recommend keeping a very close eye on the clock so that you don’t burn the sugar. You can keep track of your progress by paying attention to the color of the foam. In this case, it’s better to be cautious and add things earlier- you’ll just end up with a more runny sauce rather than a burnt mess.
Enjoy the fruits of your 20 minutes of labor!