Sweet 16 Blend
Sweet 16 Blend

Sweet 16 Blend

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Lively and complex with a juicy mouthfeel, our Sweet 16 Blend gives notes of sweet strawberry jam at the start followed by buttery, nutty toffee. Bright notes of citrus and tart lemonade come through, leading to a slight linger at the finish.
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It’s been sixteen sweet years that Temple Coffee has existed, and we’re celebrating with this limited release Sweet 16 Blend! This special blend was inspired by our company’s 16 year anniversary, and as such our Head Roaster and Director of Coffee took a celebratory approach to creating this new blend.

“To create a blend that was a celebration of sixteen years, we wanted the roast profile to reflect something light and full of fanfare,” said our Head Roaster, Camilla Yuan. Our Director of Coffee, Ed Whitman, remarked, “we wanted to keep it a two part blend. We had a new Guatemala coffee from Campamento Alto in Huehuetenango that brought liveliness, citrus notes, and a rich chocolate finish. Finding the right partner took some time and creativity. We received a new crop of an Ethiopia Mulish Natural and it was the perfect fit, bringing body and deep jammy fruit notes.” Camilla explained even further, saying “Finding the right balance of Guatemala and Ethiopia as a blend was key since we wanted to showcase both coffees without them overpowering one another. We came up with a roast profile that is more on the lighter side, featuring the Ethiopia component's brighter berry and stone fruit notes but still developed enough to allow the Guatemala component to shine with its citrus and chocolate notes.”

After various test roasts, cuppings, and blend reconfigurations, our Sweet 16 Blend was born. “Creating a new blend by experimenting with components, percentages, and roast levels is always a fun way to celebrate coffee,” says Camilla. “I hope our customers enjoy it! Sixteen years is no small feat, and this blend is meant to celebrate that.”

Coffee Farm Stories

Guatemala Campamento Alto - Located in northwestern Guatemala in the city of Huehuetenango, Finca La Esperanza is owned and operated by Aurelio Villatoro. Aurelio was born into the family business of coffee production, and since taking over the farm, the family’s coffee enterprise has continued to achieve great success in the coffee world. Since 2002, Aurelio and the family have received numerous accolades for their excellent coffee. This is due largely in part to the meticulous care they put into processing their coffee. At harvest time, only perfectly ripe cherries are picked, avoiding green, dry, and damaged fruit altogether. No later than 6 hours after harvesting, the coffee is depulped and fermented in concrete tanks for up to 36 hours. The coffee is then washed, separated for quality, and dried on patios in layers measuring three to five centimeters to ensure uniformity. Such attention to detail is the basis for Finca La Esperanza’s practices. The coffee used in this blend comes from the farm’s Campamento Alto lot, which is the highest point that coffee is grown at Finca La Esperanza and was recommended by Aurelio and his family.

Ethiopia Mulish - A mineral-rich part of Ethiopia, the region of Guji has become a powerhouse of specialty coffee production over the years. Opened by Faisel Abdush in 2014, the Mulish washing station has been an example of the excellent coffee that comes from the region. Only four hectares in size, Mulish is conveniently situated for outgrowers to provide their coffee to the washing station without having to travel long distances. As of early 2020, approximately 880 outgrowers from the surrounding area sell their product to Mulish for processing. Faisel has remarked that, “our outgrowers are our backbone,” and as such he has put in efforts to develop and improve the surrounding community. Mulish invests in training their smallholder farmers to ensure top quality for the coffee they receive. It’s also Faisel’s goal to build more facilities for coffee processing, improve sustainability practices on the farm, and even build a high school for the farmers’ children. Investing back into the community only benefits Mulish in the long run, and currently there seems no stopping the continued success and development of the washing station and the Guji region overall.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Juicy
FLAVOR: Strawberry Jam, Toffee, Lemonade
FINISH: Slight Linger

Regional Info

LOCATION: Huehuetenango, Guatemala | Guji, Ethiopia
PRODUCER, FARM: Aurelio Villatoro, Finca La Esperanza | Faisal Abdush, Mulish Washing Station
ALTITUDE: 1700-1950 MASL



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