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BODY: Juicy
FLAVOR: Strawberry Jam, Sprinkles, Orange Blossom
FINISH: Lingering Sweetness

This blend offers a juicy body, the ideal mouthfeel for this fruit-forward offering. Sweet in aroma, reminiscent of sprinkles on freshly baked sugar cookies, this coffee greets you with notes of strawberry jam accompanied by delicate floral notes of orange blossom and the luscious texture of milk tea. Citrus undertones of tangerine complement the drinking experience, which culminates in a crisp lingering sweetness. The coffee presents a whimsical cup, with playful berry notes that dance together into a vibrant, saccharine blend from start to finish.


Wonder /ˈwəndər/ n. – a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable (Oxford Dictionary)

Wonderblend /ˈwəndərblend/ n. – A coffee blend that evokes a sense wonder and awe, brought on by the whimsical, vibrant, and extraordinary combination of remarkably unique coffees (Temple Coffee Roasters)

Last fall, our Director of Coffee and Head Roaster were asked to create a new coffee blend that would be a departure from our current offerings. The goal was to craft a blend that would be playful, eccentric, and surprising. Right away our Head Roaster, Camilla Yuan, knew of the first coffee that would be a part of the blend. “We had the Costa Rosta Sonora Estate Bourbon Natural on hand and thought this coffee would be a fun component to build a blend with,” said Camilla, who described the coffee as “wild and fruit-forward.” Our Director of Coffee, Ed Whitman, added that the coffee was “intense, dynamic, juicy, and not something we would normally put in a blend.” From there, Camilla and Ed cupped many different samples of coffees that they hoped would complement the Costa Rica Sonora Estate. After sampling coffees in various combinations for a couple of months, Camilla and Ed landed on the Ethiopia Suke Quto Washed. “The Costa Rica Sonora Estate offers a really bright and upfront acidity that lingers throughout the tasting experience, while notes of strawberry jam and kombucha lend a fun and wacky flavor profile,” Camilla explained. “The Ethiopia Suke Quto has a pleasant citrus acidity that settles nicely with floral and tropical notes.” Ed expressed how both coffees “stand out on their own and have a lot of character…. Since this is a blend of washed and natural coffees, there is a balance of acidity and body, with upfront fruit notes and subtle complexity.”

Creating a roast profile for a blend using two distinct coffees is quite challenging. When discussing this process, Camilla explained: “We tested out two different roast profiles for each coffee, cupped them, and theorized how we thought the coffees would potentially interact together as a pre-roast blend and came up with test blend percentages to try.” Camilla mentioned how she was pleasantly surprised with how well the two coffees paired together, given that each component is strong and flavorful on its own. “The two coffees don’t clash, but instead they create balance and complement one another very well.” Ultimately, Camilla proceeded with a pre-roast approach as opposed to a post-roast. “We picked the blend percentage that best showcased the coffees individually and as a whole,” Camilla revealed. Ed agreed, saying that “overall, the blend is greater than the sum of its parts.”

For Camilla, our Wonderblend “is a complete 180” from our staple Dharma Espresso Blend. Rather than trying to achieve classic coffee flavors, our Wonderblend is quirky, fruity, and bright. “The blend is fun, whimsical, and reminds me of spring,” says Camilla. Indeed, the coffee is a celebration of springtime and the vibrancy and vitality of the season. Colorful, fresh, and vivid, our Wonderblend is meant to transcend the typical coffee tasting experience and transport the drinker to a fanciful, flavor-rich world. A treat for any coffee drinker, our Wonderblend offers a surreal mix of surprise and familiarity, leaving you with flavors you know well but haven’t experienced in your daily coffee. Essentially, Wonderblend is wonder in a cup. We’re excited for you to enjoy it all season long!


Costa Rica Sonora Estate Bourbon Natural – Located near the base of Poas Volcano in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora covers approximately 100 hectares of land. Owned and operated by father-son team Alberto and Diego Guardia, Sonora Estate has remained a fixture of the Costa Rican coffee industry for well over a decade. In fact, we have had the pleasure of working with and sourcing coffee from the Guardia family for over ten years. The Guardia family designates 55 hectares of land for coffee, 10 hectares for sugar cane, and 35 hectares for preserved natural forest. The wild vegetation and diverse ecosystem combine with the nutrient rich volcanic soil to nourish the surrounding coffee trees, and thereby contribute to Sonora Estate's exceptional coffee. All of the coffee at Sonora Estate is processed using Honey and Natural Process methods, which helps to conserve a tremendous amount of water. The Honey Process coffee saves about three gallons of water per pound of coffee, while the Natural Process uses no water at all. The Guardia family's focus on environmental preservation and overall dedication to their craft has led us to work with them all these years.

Ethiopia Suke Quto Washed – Suke Quto Farm is located in the Guji region of Ethiopia. Spanning both the highlands and valleys of the Odo Shakisso woreda, the farm boasts rich volcanic soil that is kept fertile through the use of organic recycling and shade trees. In fact, Suke Quto coffee is both Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. The farm was founded by Tesfaye Bekele, who is considered one of the pioneers of coffee production in Guji. After working in Natural Resource and Environmental Protection for the Ethiopian government, Tesfaye witnessed firsthand the brushfires that devastated large swaths of land in Guji from 1997 to 1999. Recognizing the need to rehabilitate the area, Tesfaye initiated the effort to replant the deforested land and started growing coffee trees to enhance diversity. He began by growing his own coffee seedlings and then distributed them to the local community. Now Tesfaye works with more than 170 outgrowers who bring their coffee cherries to the Suke Quto Washing and Drying Station for processing. There the coffee cherries are pulped, fermented for up to 48 hours, and dried for up to 15 days on elevated beds. Tesfaye remains committed to producing environmentally sustainable coffee as well as the development and economic growth of his community. One of Tesfaye’s initiatives involved the building of a new school which he and various other coffee roasters helped build in the neighboring village of Kurume. His steadfast business acumen and community-driven practices have solidified his role as an unwavering force in the Guji coffee community.


LOCATION: Central Valley, Costa Rica | Guji, Ethiopia
PRODUCER, FARM: Alberto & Diego Guardia, Sonora Estate | Tesfaye Bekele, Suke Quto Farm
ALTITUDE: 1250-2200 MASL
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Kurume, Welicho

PRODUCTION METHOD: Natural and Washed Process

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