Anniversary Blend
Anniversary Blend
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Anniversary Blend

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BODY: Full
FLAVOR: Marzipan, Crème Brûlée, Dried Cranberry, Velvety
FINISH: Lingering

This blend incorporates three distinct Central American coffees that combine to create one harmonious and decadent tasting experience. Tart notes of dried cranberry and cherry come through with the Honduras and Costa Rica components, offering a liveliness and vibrancy at first sip. Notes of almond, sweet caramel, and vanilla soon follow, courtesy of the Guatemala component, creating an experience reminiscent of enjoying marzipan and crème brûlée. This full-bodied coffee offers a velvety smooth texture that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression that beckons for another cup.


Every coffee’s story begins at origin, and the three coffees used in our Anniversary Blend originate from some of our longest and strongest farm relationships. Behind all specialty coffees are special producers, and because of these three producers’ exceptional work, we have been able to grow together year after year.

The first coffee comes to us from Sonora Estate in Costa Rica, owned by Diego Guardia and his father Alberto Guardia. We’ve worked with the Guardia family for over ten years, featuring their noteworthy micro-lot offerings each year as both single origin drip coffee and espresso. Located near the base of Poas Volcano in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora covers approximately 100 hectares of land. The Guardia family designates 55 hectares for coffee, 10 hectares for sugar cane, and 35 hectares for preserved natural forest. The wild vegetation and diverse ecosystem combine with the nutrient rich volcanic soil to nourish the surrounding coffee trees, and thereby contribute to Sonora Estate's exceptional coffee. All of the coffee at the Sonora Estate is processed using Honey and Natural Process methods, which helps to conserve a tremendous amount of water. The Honey Process coffee saves about three gallons of water per pound of coffee, while the Natural Process uses no water at all. The Guardia family's focus on environmental preservation and overall dedication to their craft has led us to work with them all these years.

The second coffee was sourced from El Diamante in Guatemala owned and operated by Patricia Diaz, who we’ve worked with for almost ten years. All aspects of production at El Diamante are managed by Patricia and her mother. Together they oversee every step of production; from planting saplings to picking only the ripest cherries, from processing the seeds to milling and exporting. Patricia's superior knowledge of coffee production comes from her family's eighty year history of coffee cultivation. Just as we enjoy featuring Patricia’s exemplary coffees, we appreciate her continued contributions to her region's coffee community which have helped Huehuetenango to become a fixture of the specialty coffee world.

The third coffee comes from La Fortuna in Honduras, owned by Delmy Regalado. Our Director of Coffee, Ed Whitman, has known Delmy for six years and is quite familiar with the exceptional coffees she produces as well as her ongoing work with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance as the chapter representative for Honduras. La Fortuna is located in Ocotepeque, one of the first departments in the country to produce coffee. Delmy inherited her 3.4 hectare farm from her father, naming it La Fortuna and saying, "this is the biggest Fortune that my father inherited to me". Delmy's passion for coffee is evident in every aspect of her farm's practices. Delmy maintains FairTrade and Organic certifications for her coffee, even making her own organic fertilizer by using coffee waste and excess mucilage. One day, Delmy hopes to pass along her passion for coffee production and the family farm to her three children. This is our second year sourcing coffee from Delmy and we look forward to many more years of featuring her coffee and strengthening our relationship, just as we’ve done with the Guardia family of Sonora Estate and Patricia Diaz of El Diamante.

We're proud of the work of each of these three producers, and we're grateful to be able to showcase the quality of their product in our 15 Year Anniversary Blend. Cheers!


LOCATION: Central Valley, Costa Rica | Huehuetenango, Guatemala | Ocotepeque, Honduras
PRODUCER, FARM: Diego & Alberto Guardia, Sonora Estate | Patricia Diaz, El Diamante | Delmy Regalado, La Fortuna
ALTITUDE: 1250-1600 MASL

PRODUCTION METHOD: Washed (Honduras, Guatemala), Natural (Costa Rica)

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