Colombia Viviana Cedeño
Colombia Viviana Cedeño

Colombia Viviana Cedeño

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This fruity and sweet Colombian coffee offers a full-bodied tasting experience with a slight lingering finish. Rich notes of concord grape are coupled with tart and juicy cherry, which are met with hints of nutty honey.
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Viviana Marcela Cedeño Torres believes that the best practice for producing exceptional coffee is to focus always on quality, not quantity. A second-generation coffee farmer, Viviana owns and operates her coffee farm El Diamante along with her husband Armando Andrade. Located in Huila, Colombia, El Diamante has been under Viviana’s control for over seven years. The farm covers 16 hectares of land and maintains approximately 60,000 coffee trees, as well as avocados, sugar cane, and various citrus fruits. Viviana, Armando, and their two children, who are 21 years old and 9 years old respectively, all assist with coffee production at El Diamante. Viviana and her husband have expressed before that “specialty coffee has to be worked as a family” in order to ensure top quality product. As such, Viviana relies on family and some highly trusted workers to pick only perfectly ripe coffee cherries during the harvest season. From there, the cherries are laid to rest for a day before being depulped and fermented for 24-36 hours. After being washed, the fermented coffee cherries are dried in a marquesina (i.e. a parabolic greenhouse style dryer) where they are left to dry for 30 days. From her coffee growing upbringing, Viviana is meticulous with every step of her coffee production operation. We’re excited to offer this coffee from Viviana and her family for the first time as a single origin offering.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Full
FLAVOR: Concord Grape, Cherry, Honey
FINISH: Slight Linger

Regional Info

LOCATION: Huila, Colombia
PRODUCER, FARM: Viviana Marcela Cedeño Torres, El Diamante
VARIETAL: Colombia



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