Ethiopia Gora Kone
Ethiopia Gora Kone

Ethiopia Gora Kone

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A bright and lively coffee with a medium body and slight lingering finish, this Ethiopian offering presents bright citrus notes upfront. Hints of pomelo and orange are met with sweet and tart quince notes at the finish.
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This coffee comes from the noteworthy Gora Kone washing station located in the famed Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Gora Kone receives and processes the coffee cherries from approximately 700 to 800 smallholder farmers. The majority of the farms are family owned and exist on plots of land no bigger than three hectares. Most of the farms utilize wanza and acacia trees to provide shade for the coffee trees. During harvest season, from November to January, the farm workers handpick their coffee cherries and deliver them to the washing station for processing. The coffee is pulped and fermented for 42-46 hours in river water from the Gerenbicho River and is replaced by fresh water after 12 hours of fermentation. After washing, the beans are dried for nearly two weeks before resting for a final 30 days. We are proud and excited to present this fantastic Ethiopian offering from Gora Kone. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Pomelo, Orange, Quince
FINISH: Slight Linger

Regional Info

LOCATION: Sidamo, Ethiopia
PRODUCER, FARM: Gora Kone Washing Station, Smallholder Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1900-2050 MASL
VARIETAL: Ethiopia Heirloom



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