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Bag of Ethiopia Reko coffee

Ethiopia Reko

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Notes of sweet syrupy white grape and tart lemon zest are present at the forefront while hints of floral vanilla blossom come through the background. The coffee is met with a snappy crisp finish, creating a bright and lively cup that settles into an effervescent, yet balanced tasting experience.
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The founders of the Reko Washing Station began with the mission to elevate the coffee production quality of the area. Ethiopia is the motherland of some of the world's best coffee, and the founders and operators of the Reko Washing Station aim to establish themselves as producers of Ethiopia's best offerings. The washing station shares its name with the nearby Reko mountain - a monolith that dominates the area's skyline. The name "Reko" comes from the local Afaan Oromo word for "challenge", aptly given to the difficult-to-scale mountain and adopted by the washing station to signify the challenges they endure to achieve their goals. This offering is a direct result of the dedication and passion employed at Reko. During harvest season in late October to mid-January, approximately 850 farmers from the region deliver their red cherries to the washing station. From there, the coffee cherries are washed using water from the nearby river and then pulped using an old Agard pulping machine. The mucilage is then removed through traditional fermentation methods, which can last between 36-48 hours. Finally, the coffee is set out to dry for 10-12 days using raised African drying beds. The Reko washing station is a leading example for neighboring washing stations as they help to sustain the area's coffee communities and produce remarkable coffee year after year. This is the sixth year we have been fortunate enough to feature a coffee from Reko, where we can proudly showcase their exemplary coffee to you.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Bright
FLAVOR: Cascara, White Grape, Vanilla Blossom

Regional Info

LOCATION: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
PRODUCER, FARM: Reko Washing Station, Reko Farming Cooperative
ALTITUDE: 1850-2200 MASL
VARIETY: Heirloom



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