Festivity Blend

Festivity Blend

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Festive flavors abound with this blend, starting with tart and juicy notes of pomegranate. Sweet and bitter notes of candied lemon are then joined by nutty and spicy hints of nutmeg. Full in body with a slight lingering finish, our Festivity Blend offers a well-rounded drinking experience with each cheery cup bringing the perfect amount of holiday bliss all season long.

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Each year, we set out to create an exciting new version of our Festivity Blend for the holidays. We began working on this special holiday blend in early spring. We started by sampling, tasting, and blending various different coffees then repeating this process over and over until we discovered a remarkable flavor profile. Our goal each year with the Festivity Blend is to create a unique blend that is greater than the sum of its parts; a harmonious blend that kindles a sense of holiday warmth, coziness, and cheer.

The first component comes from the mountainous region of Alotenango, Guatemala. This coffee is produced by Luis Pedro Zelaya Aguirre. It is harvested and wet milled by Candelaria Estate and dry milled at Bella Vista. Luis Pedro purchased Candelaria Estate in 2005, and has steadily grown the Zelaya family's coffee producing business ever since. In order to ensure top coffee quality, Luis Pedro follows meticulous agricultural practices on the farm. Organic mulch is obtained from coffee plant and shade tree tissue that is used as a natural fertilizer, and also prevents soil erosion and weed growth. Ongoing plant tissue management on the farm also helps to lower the risk of various plant diseases. Luis Pedro’s continuous focus on proper soil care and plant nutrition has maintained healthy coffee trees throughout the farm, and thereby results in superior coffee quality that shows in the final cup.

The second coffee comes to us from Gera Farm, a vast estate that stretches over ancient forested highland areas of western Ethiopia in the Oromia Region. Established in 2008, Gera Farm was founded on 100 hectares of land. Almost a decade and a half later, the farm's production area has grown to 500 hectares. Despite this development of modern coffee farming in the area, Gera's farmers prioritize preserving the forested land and work in harmony with the wildlife and natural habitat that thrives there. After all, it is thought that the natural habitat contributes to the health and vitality of the coffee trees and gives the coffee it’s superior quality and flavor. The farm has dedicated itself to improved employee working conditions by providing complimentary housing, education, and healthcare for their employees. Gera Farm's investment certainly pays off, as the farm continues to produce world-class coffee year after year.

To round out the Festivity Blend is coffee from the women-owned and women-managed coffee cooperative of Kokowagayo in Sumatra, Indonesia. With its 567 farmer members, Kokowagayo is part of the Café Femenino program, a supply chain initiative that prioritizes and acknowledges female farmers for their roles in the coffee industry. Through funding from the non-profit Café Femenino Foundation, the farmers of Kokowagayo use grant money to pay for training courses, gain leadership skills to grow their businesses, and enhance their livelihoods overall. This is our first time obtaining coffee from the Kokowagayo cooperative, and we’re excited to include this remarkable offering in this year’s Festivity Blend.

As the holidays approach and winter arrives, we look forward to the simple pleasures of enjoying a comforting cup of coffee with friends and family. We hope our Festivity Blend gives you and your loved ones a holiday season full of bliss and comfort.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Full
FLAVOR: Pomegranate, Nutmeg, Candied Lemon
FINISH: Slight Linger

Regional Info

LOCATION: Alotenango, Guatemala | Limu, Ethiopia | Sumatra, Indonesia
ALTITUDE: 1200-1700 MASL
PRODUCTION METHOD: Washed and Wet Hulled



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