Bag of Mexico Villa Alta coffee
Bag of Mexico Villa Alta coffee

Mexico Villa Alta

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Inviting notes of honey, cashew and warm spices are prominent at first sip, while subtly acidic and fruity undertones of pluot and white nectarine enliven the mid-palate sweetness. This classic and medium bodied coffee offers a refined and silky finish.
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San Ildefonso Villa Alta is classified as a District within the economic structure of the state of Oaxaca. It encompasses a significant region in the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. It is located over six hours away from the capital of Oaxaca. All of the roads involve winding and are partially paved, despite having several access routes. The varieties traditionally cultivated in these two communities of Villa Alta include Bourbon, Typica, and the latest to be introduced, Oro Azteca. The region's location is comprised of ideal conditions for these varieties to grow and develop properly, resulting in consistently high-quality coffee. This is especially true for the original varieties introduced, such as Bourbons and Typicas, which maintain excellent quality. This offering begins its journey when the coffee cherries achieve peak maturity. The cherries are then taken down from the coffee plants, visually inspected, and processed. To start, the cherries are depulped, then fermented in tanks for a period of 24 to 52 hours. After fermentation, the beans are washed and dried using various drying systems, depending on the preference and infrastructure of each farmer. The drying process lasts between 14 hours and 20 days. We were introduced to these small communities through our export partner Azahar, which we visited last year. They have been developing relationships in the remote communities and bringing their extraordinary coffees to the forefront.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Pluot, Honey, Cashew

Regional Info

LOCATION: Oaxaca, Mexico
PRODUCER, FARM: Smallholder Producers, Various Farmers
VARIETY: Bourbon, Typica, Oro Azteca



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