Peru Lucmabamba
Peru Lucmabamba

Peru Lucmabamba

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A straightforward coffee with a medium body and rich, buttery finish. Upfront notes of almond brittle and milk chocolate combine with lively citrus flavors and nutty, sweet honeycomb. It’s a crisp, familiar coffee that’s perfect for everyday drinking.
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Located in the town of Lucmabamba, these smallholder coffee producers are members of the Huadquiña cooperative group founded in 1964. Once under the shadow of larger cooperatives that sold commercial organic coffee, Huadquiña has been able to transition to quality and sustainability focused specialty coffee. The quality potential from this region went unnoticed and unrealized for many years. In 2015, the large ruling organization was disbanded, opening up the region to new trading opportunities that it had never experienced before. Huadquiña is located 30 minutes from Quillabamba, a major coffee trading hub. Lucmabamba is situated at 2000 meters, in the heart of the La Convención Valley, in the district of Santa Teresa at the base of Templo de La Luna, an ancient Inca ceremonial Temple on the Urubamba River. La Convención is far off the beaten path, a 6 hour drive to town through high mountain passes. The Lucmabamba lot is from smallholder producers farming on only 1 hectare of land on average and growing Caturra, Bourbon and Typica trees. Once the ripest cherries are picked, they are brought to the central washing mill at Huadquiña for processing. Coffees from La Convención are superb, rich, and creamy with a profound sweetness and bright citrus flavor. We are excited to offer this coffee from Huadquiña for the first time for you to enjoy!

Tasting Notes

BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Almond Brittle, Milk Chocolate, Honey

Regional Info

LOCATION: Cusco, Peru
PRODUCER, FARM: Huadquiña Group, Mixed Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1800-2000 MASL
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica



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