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Peru Tambopata
Peru Tambopata
Product image 1Peru Tambopata
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Peru Tambopata

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BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Bartlett Pear, Citrus, Honey

A straightforward coffee with a medium body and clean finish. Subtly sweet and tart notes, similar to Bartlett pear, combine with lively citrus flavors and nutty, sweet honey. It’s a crisp, familiar coffee that’s perfect for everyday drinking.


Puno’s Sandia Valley has been a constant source of inspiring smallholder farmers and the delicious coffees they bring to the table year after year. Within the massive Sandia Valley lie many smaller valleys, each hosting unique coffee-producing communities of smallholder farmers averaging just 2.5 hectares of coffee land, including Inambari, Tupac Amaru, and San Juan del Oro. This particular coffee is a collection of beans from seven producers in the Tambopata Valley farming community. The seven producers who contributed to this coffee include: Delia Capquique Quispe, Adan Rodrigo, Clinton Quilla, Juan Quilla Laura, Luis Abdon Tipula, Luis Rolando Luque Marron, and Wilson Sucaticona Larico. Due to a United Nations-led replanting project in the 80s, much of Sandia Valley grows Bourbon-variety coffee, offering an elegant, floral, honeyed, and dynamically citric character. Alternately, the coffees can exhibit rich, full-bodied, and incredibly sweet flavors of malic red apple or pear. These coffee characteristics are entirely unique to Puno, distinct from what you’ll find in other regions of Peru, and offer something for every palate.


LOCATION: Puno, Peru
PRODUCER, FARM: Mixed Producers, Mixed Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1800-2100 MASL
VARIETAL: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon


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