Bag of Ethiopia Mulish Guji coffee.
Bag of Ethiopia Mulish Guji coffee.

Ethiopia Mulish

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This bright and floral coffee offers a crisp body with sweet citric pops of acidity at the start, reminiscent of ripe pomelo, which is soon followed by rich fruity notes of dried apricot. Floral hints of chamomile ensue, leaving you refreshed and ready for your next cup.

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The founder of Testi Coffee, Faysel, established the Mulish washing station in the Guji region of Ethiopia in 2014. The washing station sits on 4 hectares of land located on the slopes of the Mormora river approximately 40 km from the town of Shakiso. At the time there were only a few coffee farmers in the area, however Faysel was undeterred and confident in the lush, fertile area for coffee production. Since then, the Mulish washing station purchases coffee cherries from 880 Guji smallholder farmers for processing and has also set up a sister washing station, Bishan Dimo in 2016 to serve farmers in the same area. Mulish produces excellent quality coffee and utilizes both the natural and washed processes. Temple has bought the natural processed Ethiopia Mulish for over 8 years for our Dharma Espresso Blend. We are beyond excited to offer this washed grade 1 Mulish on its own as a single origin. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

BODY: Crisp
FLAVOR: Pomelo, Chamomile, Dried Apricot
FINISH: Floral

Regional Info

LOCATION: Guji, Ethiopia
PRODUCER, FARM: Mulish Washing Station, Various
ALTITUDE: 1800-1950 MASL
VARIETY: Mixed Heirloom



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