Peru Pangoa
Peru Pangoa

Peru Pangoa

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Crisp and clean, this medium-bodied coffee is a classic example of an exceptional Peruvian offering. Revealing tart lemon-lime citrus notes at first, the coffee develops with notes of brown sugar and dried fruit sweetness that culminates in a lingering finish.
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Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa (or simply referred to as Pangoa) was first established in 1977. Located in central Peru to the east of the Andes Mountains, Pangoa at one point held approximately 1700 members. However, with ongoing sociopolitical unrest that begin in 1980, the membership of Pangoa decreased significantly as families fled the region to pursue opportunities in other cities. Today, the cooperative has about 700 active members who have helped to form a strong farmer community. Lead by Esperanza Dionisio Castillo, the Pangoa Cooperative instills various core values and infrastructure that is essential to their ongoing success. Some of these key values are built on member solidarity, democracy, accountability, and open-mindedness. Before becoming a leader of Pangoa, Esperanza grew up witnessing the tremendous importance of coffee cultivation in the Peruvian economy. After studying Agronomy in Lima as a teenager, Esperanza settled in Junin, where she worked as a technician for a cooperative in the Satipo Province. While there, Esperanza noticed how coffee farmers were not treated with the same respect as technicians, despite their imperative impact on the coffee industry in the region. Today, Esperanza’s leadership to Pangoa has brought the work of farmers to the forefront. Farmers now have direct relationships with buyers, and have greater business and educational resources overall. The cooperative members now have the skills required to continually improve the quality of their product. Along with practicing biodynamic farming, some farmers even grow their own food and medicine. The hope of Pangoa leadership is to instill greater independence and sustainability for its members. Their ongoing work has led us to their high quality coffee, which we had the pleasure of trying for the first time just last year.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Lemon-Lime, Brown Sugar, Raisin
FINISH: Lingering

Regional Info

LOCATION: Junín, Peru
PRODUCER, FARM: Pangoa Cooperative, Mixed Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1800-2000 MASL
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica



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