December 2018 Coffee Events

This month is full of exciting events. From our weekly public cuppings to a festive latte art throwdown, we can’t wait to unwrap what December has in store for us.

Traditional Cupping | December 7th | 2925 S St at 2pm
Tasting different coffees side by side is perhaps one of the most important practices in learning to develop a palate. This week we will learn to compare our new coffee offerings with some old classics, and maybe even some wildcards.

Festivity Blend | December 14th | 2925 S St at 2pm
Have you ever wondered why we choose certain coffees to blend and certain coffees to keep as Single Origin offerings? This week we will be tasting our new Festivity Blend components first separately and then blended together and decide which we like better. We may even create some unique blends of our own!

The Throw-Ho-Ho-Down | December 14th | 6PM at Four Score in Roseville, CA
Come support the local coffee community and our own baristas as we compete in this latte art throwdown! There will be tacos, beverages, presents for winners and coal for the rest. Holiday attire strongly encouraged.

Assertive and Afterthought AgitationsĀ | December 21st | 2925 S St at 2pm
Agitation is an inevitable part of brewing coffee. It comes into play every time we add water to a pour over, plunge our French presses, stir coffee grounds after blooming, plunge our Aeropress etc. What do we know about agitation and brewing coffee and how can we use that information to change the experience in our cup?

Holiday DrinksĀ | December 28th | 2925 S St at 2pm
There is nothing more comforting than a delicious cup of warm hot chocolate on a cold winter evening. This week we are tugging at all of your nostalgic heart strings and creating classic holiday-season inspired coffee beverages. Come taste some of our favorites and even experiment with your own holiday concoctions.