December 2019 Coffee Events

December 6th | 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd | Brew Troubleshooting: Have you ever brewed a coffee and it just didn’t quite taste right? You can tell there’s something tasty there but it just isn’t adding up? Come to our Fair Oaks Blvd location and we’ll explore some ways to improve your cup based on what you’re tasting.

December 13th | 1615 16th St | Festivity Blend: Have you ever wondered why we choose certain coffees to blend and certain coffees to keep as Single Origin offerings? This week we will be tasting our new Festivity Blend components first separately and then blended together and decide which we like better. We may even create some unique blends of our own!

December 20th | 2829 S St | Coffee Growing Regions: Africa, Asia, and the Americas. These three basic coffee growing regions generally have certain flavor tendencies. If you find yourself asking, “Why do I always like Colombian coffee?” or, “Why is Kenyan coffee always so good?” than this is a tasting for you! Come taste multiple origins and find the perfect coffee for you and add that extra level of thoughtfulness to your holiday gift.

December 27th | Cupping Cancelled: The cupping is cancelled this week, but our cafes are open normal hours. Happy Holidays! (We’ll be open on Christmas from 6am to 2pm.)