Luis Pedro: Guatemala Hunapu & Candelaria

Luis Pedro: Guatemala Hunapu & Candelaria

Country:  Guatemala
Farm:  Finca Candelaria, Hunapu
Number of Farmers:
Varietals:  Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi

Finca Candelaria, Antigua

Finca Candelaria has been in the Zelaya family for generations. Handed down from father to son, Luis Pedro is now tending to his father’s farm. The Zelaya family are what we like to think of as coffee giants in Antigua, and they do everything right. Farming “new” varietals, building green houses to dry coffee, and creating truly traceable coffees. It is our pleasure to offer coffees and to continue to build our relationship with the Zelaya family.


Hunapu Bourbon, Antigua

Hunapu is Luis Pedro Zelaya’s project to create high-quality micro-lot coffees from small producers in and around the Antigua region. Hunapu is actually the collective coffee of 30-50 small producers collected by Zelaya and processed and milled at one of Zelaya’s farms, Finca Bella Vista.

Zelaya created this project in order to help support the small-scale farmers who surrounded him by perfectly processing their coffees, providing them with support, and introducing them to buyers like us.