Patricia "Patty" Diaz: Guatemala El Diamante Huehuetenengo

Patricia “Patty” Diaz: Guatemala El Diamante Huehuetenengo

Country:  Guatemala, Huehuetenengo
Farm:  El Diamante
Number of Farmers:  1
Varietals:  Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

El Dimante is a mother-daughter farm. Both are single and keep to themselves. The Diaz’s daily life consists of tending to all details on their farm themselves, which in turn has produced amazing coffee as well as making them well regarded, confident figures in their communities.

They’re loved by their community as they give much of their time to encouraging and listening to people in the community. They’re very resourceful women and often times when some want them to give capital to a project, they find a clever way to help that goes beyond contributing cash.