Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover in Your Life


The internet is full of stuff. We’re gonna help you sort through the chaos and find the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life. If that person is you, that’s okay, too. You can gift yourself, we won’t tell. All products are available online (free shipping over $25) or at any of our retail locations!


1. Clever Dripper, $22.00

Here at Temple, we’re absolutely in love with the Clever Dripper. Why? It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it tastes incredible. Combining the body of a french press with the cleanliness of a pour-over, just add ground coffee, add hot water, wait 4 minutes, and set the Clever on a cup to drain. That’s it. This is an absolute essential household item for any coffee devotee, novice or expert. Pro-tip: Pickup some #4 filters to complete the gift.


2. Bonavita Electric Kettle, $69.95

No matter how you brew coffee at home, just about everyone could use the Bonavita Electric Gooseneck Kettle. Just fill with water and turn it on. In a flash, your water will be boiling, at which point the kettle will automatically turn off. Use the gooseneck pouring spout for pinpoint accuracy for manual brews, teas, or Cup-O-Noodle — the choice is yours.


3. Baratza Encore Grinder, $129.00

What’s the single most important coffee gadget to have in your home? Simple, a burr grinder! Save that whirly bird grinder for your spices and instantly up your coffee game 1000% percent with the Baratza Encore burr grinder. Grinding fresh before brewing makes a remarkable difference in the coffee’s flavor. Even if it’s not on their list, they will love you more each day when the the fragrance of fresh ground coffee fills their kitchen every morning.


4. Temple Beanie, $22.00

Coffee lovers are often fashionable, too. If that’s the case, surprise them with this stylish Temple beanie. Great for stockings or gifts on a budget. For more apparel options, check out our five-panel hatsblack slouch beanie, and Temple Crew Sweatshirt.


5. JetBoil French Press, $99.00

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you didn’t ask for. The JetBoil French Press might be the perfect gift the outdoorsy coffee connoisseur never knew he/she wanted. Just bring water to a boil (it’s crazy fast), add ground coffee, and place French Press  lid on top. After four minutes, plunge and enjoy great coffee while over looking the Grand Canyon, on the beaches of Cancun, or wherever life may take you. Pro-Tip: Pair the JetBoil with the Flex Mill Hand Grinder (see below).


6. Flex Mill Hand Grinder, $65.00

Did you know that each morning Beethoven would count out exactly 60 coffee beans and grind them by hand? Be like Beethoven and grind your coffee by hand with the Flex Mill Hand Grinder. Perfect for the traveler or the home user that wants a little workout in the morning, the Flex Mill’s ergonomic design makes grinding easy and fluid, and the ceramic burrs will grind the coffee as evenly as an electric home grinder.


7. Espro Travel French Press, $37.95

Love making coffee in the morning but don’t always have time to enjoy it at home? The Espro Travel French Press is the perfect solution. Works just like a french press (add coffee, add hot water, press after 4 minutes) but the press top is also a lid, so it’s ready to drink straight away. Features the Espro’s patented double-filtration system, which results in a clean cup without the grit. The bottom of the filter is solid, so the coffee won’t continue to extract after you press. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these things.


8. Temple Deep Etched Mug, $20.00

Add some class to their mug collection with our Temple Deep Etched Mug. Feels great in the hand, and the high-quality ceramic will not taint the flavor of your coffee. Great stocking stuffer, especially when paired with a Temple Gift Card (see below).


9. Temple Gift Card

Still not sure what to give? Don’t stress, we got you. Temple Online Gift Certificate or In-Store Gift Cards are guaranteed to please the coffee lover in your life. Pro-Tip: Pair your gift card with a mug or bag of coffee so you have something to wrap.