Holiday Delights: Our First Holiday Playlist

By Elise Richardson, Temple Coffee Educator

If you told me three years ago that I would be creating the first ever Temple playlist, I would feel pretty honored. If you told me it was a holiday playlist, however, I might be a bit confused. You see, I grew up playing and performing in various Christmas concerts every year and would start rehearsing for them during fall (sometimes even summer). As I got older, I became so burnt out of the same Christmas songs that I pretty much gave up listening to Christmas music entirely. Some friends and family members even called me a Grinch.

When I was asked to create a holiday themed collection of music for our customers, I tried to make something I would actually enjoy listening to. I found myself enjoying these songs while driving around looking at Christmas lights or sipping eggnog at home in good company.

This playlist will take you through a journey of familiar classics for the whole family, to some more modern takes on holiday music (for those untraditional Grinches out there). My hope is that through this crazy time of year, this music can bring you joy during times of impatience or stress.