Holiday Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

For the “Chill Mom”

This mug is the essence of relaxation. She can cozy on up and relax with her cup of coffee.

This one is for the mothers who like to take their time and enjoy their coffee. Give her a French press to revolutionize her morning ritual.

Because of its chocolate notes and heavier body Cadence is an ideal for French press coffee, with or without milk.

For the “I-don’t-know-what-to-get-my-mom Mom”

Treat her to whatever she wants in our cafes! Whether it’s for her daily cup or a drink she’s wanted to try, gift cards are never a bad idea. You can load gift cards with $10-50 if purchased online or come in to a cafe and load a gift card with any denomination you’d like.

You can’t go wrong with this clean and simple mug.

This floral, nutty coffee is produced by a mother-daughter team. It’s the perfect ode to mothers everywhere.