Introducing Return To Origin: A Step Towards a More Transparent Future



If you’ve made it this far, you have probably realized how complex coffee purchasing can be. At its heart, our RTO report is simply to show the percentage of a coffee’s retail price that is returned to the country and people from which it was produced. It gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to be more informed about your purchase. It also directly compares Temple’s RTO with world standard coffee purchasing practices, specifically the C-Market and Fair Trade Organic certifications.

We know that most of you aren’t coffee buyers and we hope our RTO report will provide a point of reference for you. It is our goal to show what we do, in the simplest terms, and to engage consumers and industry professionals alike in a new conversation about the coffee supply chain we operate in.

For us, the RTO report is just one step in becoming a more transparent, sustainable company. We look forward to pushing ourselves in this endeavor and hopefully you join us in this learning experience.

Click here to view Temple Coffee RTO Report.