Jamaica Blue Mountain: To Buy or Not to Buy, That’s the Question.

Our offering of Jamaica Blue Mountain RSW Estate brought about a philosophical question here at the roasterie. The phrase “Jamaica Blue Mountain” often conjures skepticism in many coffee circles because Blue Mountain coffee is often exploited for its exoticism and is priced exorbitantly regardless of cup quality, age, or roast quality. It can, at times, seem like a gimmick.


But that doesn’t mean superior quality coffee can’t be grown in Jamaica. In fact, the Blue Mountains boast growing altitudes of 3,000-5,500 feet above sea level! When we cupped this offering of Blue Mountain, we were blown away. It’s unique, complex yet harmonious, full and super sweet.

So, do you pass on an exceptional, superior-quality coffee because of a distorted reputation? Or do you purchase said coffee based solely on its extraordinary cup quality and to heck with the politics?

We chose the latter.

Pre-order our Jamaica Blue Mountain RSW Estate Peaberry today. Limited roast dates and quantities available. First come, first serve.

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