January 2019 Coffee Events

Ring in the New Year with a new way to brew coffee! This month, we’re hosting different brew demonstrations at different cafes, so stop on by to try some coffee and learn something new.

Traditional Cupping | January 7th | Temple Training Room, 2925 S St at 2pm
Cupping is perhaps the most important skill a coffee professional can develop. At 2pm at
2825 S Street, come practice and better your palate as we taste and talk about our brand-new coffee offerings, and maybe a few wild cards.

Coffee Break at 9th St | January 11th | 1010 9th St at 12-2pm
From 12pm-2pm at our Downtown location (1010 9th Street) we are going to be brewing
some delicious coffees on a Chemex. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and learn
from our training staff some awesome pointers on making the best Chemex at home.

Study, Sleep, Coffee Demo in Davis | January 18th | 239 G St at 12-2pm
From 12-2pm at our Davis location (239 G Street) we are demoing our Clever Drippers.
Combining ease and a rich full-immersion brew, Clevers are perfect for students, or you
know, anyone looking to make an easy and tasty cup of coffee every morning. Come and
enjoy coffee brewing pointers and sample some of our current favorites.

Keep Midtown Caffeinated at K St | January 25th | 2925 S St at 2pm
We are so proud to finally offer the HARIO V60 brewer to purchase in-stores. This amazing pour over method is perfect for all the coffee geeks out there. From 12pm-2pm at our newest midtown location (2200 K Street) the training staff will be demoing how to use a V60 to its full potential and sampling out some of our tasty single origin coffee offerings.