July 2019 Coffee Events

Triangulation in the Temple Training Room | July 5th | 2825 S Street at 12 pm
Triangulation is essentially a pop quiz for your palate. In our training facility, 2825 S Street, Sacramento, we will blindly taste three coffees, one being altered in some way, to see if we can pick out some common defects in coffee brewing. Can you tell the difference? Whoever gets the most correct will receive a prize and (more importantly) Temple bragging rights.

Tasty Time at Fair Oaks Blvd. | July 12th | 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 100 at 12 pm
Coffee grinders really do an amazing thing, taking whole bean coffees of different sizes and densities and grinding them into a consistent, even size. Come taste the difference between coffee brewed with the use of a blade grinder vs. coffee brewed with the use of a burr grinder and learn if/why your first big investment for great coffee at home should be a quality grinder. This tasting at our Arden location at 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 100, Sacramento.

Temple Goes Camping! | July 15-19th
Due to our yearly staff camping trip, this week’s tasting is cancelled. But don’t worry, all of our cafes are open normal hours! Feel free to follow along on our Instagram @templecoffee for updates on our camping journey.

Temple Coffee 16th St Grand Opening | July 20th | 1615 16th St.
Join us in opening our 6th cafe! We’re so excited to serve the Fremont Park community. We’ll have exciting pop ups and giveaways all day to celebrate. The first 100 customers in line get a special gift!

Free Dessert Pairing at K St| July 26th | 2200 K Street at 12 pm
“I don’t like free desserts” (said no one ever). Come to our Midtown café at 2200 K Street, Sacramento to try our tasty dessert and coffee pairing options. Every quarter we come up with new and innovative ways to pair our delicious coffees with desserts. This is a tasting you don’t want to miss!