June 2019 Coffee Events

Coffee and Wine Pairing | June 1st | Blue Lotus Cafe, 3389 Mira Loma Dr, Cameron Park, CA 95682 from 6-9pm
Join us for a free coffee and wine pairing event at our friends Blue Lotus in Cameron Park. Sponsored by Temple Coffee and Boeger Wines, we’ll be exploring the world of similarities between specialty coffee and wine. Admission is free.

Triangulation in the Temple Training Room | June 7th | 2825 S Street at 12 pm
Triangulation is essentially a pop quiz for your palate. In our training facility, 2825 S Street, Sacramento, we will blindly taste three coffees, one being altered in some way, to see if we can pick out some common defects in coffee brewing. Can you tell the difference? Whoever gets the most correct will receive a prize and (more importantly) Temple bragging rights.

Study, Sleep, Coffee Demo in Davis | June 14th | 239 G Street, Davis at 12 pm
In our Davis café, 239 G Street, we will explore the world of filtration. Ever wonder why a French Press tastes more heavy or full bodied than a Chemex? The kind of filter, and how the filter is made, has a drastic effect on a coffees overall flavor and body. Come taste the difference side-by-side for yourself and decide the best brew method for you!

What’s Brewing at the S Street Cafe | June 21st | 2829 S Street at 12 pm
Does a dark roast have more caffeine than a light roast? How much caffeine can you have when you’re pregnant? There are lots of opinions and myths concerning coffee’s role and effect on our health. At our midtown café, 2829 S Street, Sacramento, we will debunk myths about caffeine. In this round table discussion, we will focus on caffeine’s role in coffee brewing, how your body processes caffeine, and some common misconceptions.

Keep Midtown Caffeinated at K Street | June 28th | 2200 K Street at 12 pm
‘Tis the season… for iced coffee! Shorts and flip flops, oh my! In this very fun tasting at 2200 K Street, Sacramento, we will be brewing a flash brew iced coffee on a Clever Dripper as well as a V60 pour over. We will be trying our brand-new Cold Brew Blend roasted and created specifically with iced coffee in mind. Come learn some tips on making delicious iced coffee with your favorite brew methods right in your own home!

Annual Sidewalk Sale | June 29th | 2200 K Street from 11am-2pm
Mark your calendars! We’re having our annual sidewalk sale at our K Street Cafe. Stop by to take advantage of our biggest sale of the year. We’ll have past retail items and housewares available for purchase (cash and card accepted). Special pop-up guest The Good Scoop Ice Cream will be there from 12-2pm to serve up some delicious treats!