Coffee Brewing Guide

Coffee Brewing Guide



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Coffee brewing is an artful process.  However, brewing should be approachable and easily repeatable at home with some simple guidance. Don’t be fooled by the technical jargon you may encounter when researching coffee brewing on your own. We have laid out several different brewing methods with straightforward instructions on how to get the most out of your brewing device and coffee so you can make the perfect cup of coffee for yourself. Just remember our Five Factors of Brewing below.

Five Factors of Brewing

1. COFFEE TO WATER RATIO The ratio determines the strength of the coffee. Our standard coffee to water ratio is 1:15 (1 part coffee to 15 parts water).

2. GRIND SIZE In general, longer brewing times are paired with coarser coffee grinds, and shorter brewing times are paired with finer coffee grinds. If your coffee is too sour and flows too quickly, try making your grind size finer. If your coffee tastes too bitter and flows too slowly, try making the grind size coarser.

3. WATER QUALITY AND TEMPERATURE Always use fresh, clean water. Filtered or purified water is ideal. Brewing temperature should fall between 195-205°F.

4. CLEANLINESS Rinsing and cleaning regularly is important to remove stale coffee build up.

5. OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT The final brew is only as good as the equipment and the person who prepares it.