V60 Pour Over

Brewing Guide: V60 Pour Over

OPEN a V-shaped filter (such as the Bonmac V) and place it into the V60.

PRE-WET the filter with hot water and empty the water out.

HEAT 450g of purified water to 201°F.

GRIND 30g of coffee, medium coarse (kosher salt sized), and pour into the filter in an even mound.

START your timer, counting up from zero.

POUR 50-60g of water into the center of the coffee bed, wetting all the grounds.

WAIT 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom.

CONTINUE pouring so all 450g of water is in the V60 by 3 1/2 minutes. Avoid pouring along the edges of filter as this can cause an uneven brew.

DRAIN the coffee (ideally around the 4 minute mark) and enjoy.



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V60 Pour Over