Roasting and Freshness


Temple views roasting as an art balanced and explained by science. Typically, there are two types of roasters out there, the artists, and the scientists. Temple is both. We believe in the use of artistry, the romance, the use of your senses to create the perfect roast, and science to ensure that the perfect roast is created time after time. Just as all the great painters of our time have many masterpieces, a true artisanal mico-roaster needs to be consistent, needs to create multiple masterpieces. We roast on the most sought after roasting equipment, taste every single batch that comes out, and constantly make small adjustments to make sure that the quality of your cup exceeds our expectations.

Along with roasting, and drink preparation, freshness could be considered the single most critical aspect of quality coffee. We roast to order, do not stockpile any roasted coffees, and make our own retail locations, wholesale partners, and even grocery stores adhere to very strict product rotation guidelines. All of this is done to ensure that any bag of Temple coffee you purchase will be as fresh the day you open it all the way to the last bean.

Read our Brew Guide (link) to ensure you are getting the most out of your perfectly roasted, fresh bag of
Temple coffee.