March 2019 Coffee Events

Traditional Cupping | March 1st | Temple Training Room, 2825 S St at 12pm
Ever taste a coffee and wonder what went wrong? Using a traditional cupping method like the professionals, we will learn to hone in our palate and distinguish between a good and bad brew. Let us guide you through different cup and taste defects and learn some easy mistakes people make at home and how to troubleshoot them yourself.

Study, Sleep, Coffee Demo in Davis | March 8th | 239 G St, Davis at 12pm
This week at our Davis café (239 G street), we will be guiding you through the practical
side of brewing a Chemex. Chemexes are one of the oldest and most popular pour-over
devices. The thick bonded filter allows for a clean and light bodied coffee to shine. We
will have the opportunity to play around with bloom time and pour speed to see what really tastes the best!

Keep Midtown Caffeinated at K St | March 15th | 2200 K St at 12pm
At our K street location in Midtown Sacramento (2200 K street) we will be discussing the use of the Specialty Coffee Association’s Flavor Wheel. If you have never heard of it, no problem! It’s basically a guide to help us learn how to taste specific flavors in coffee. Using various brewing devices, we can learn a coffee vocabulary to help us talk (and taste) like a pro.

Kelly Hill goes to US Coffee Champs! | March 15-17th | Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO
We’re so proud that our Director of Education, Kelly Hill, will be competing this weekend at the US Coffee Championship- Brewers Cup. Long story short, her ability to make delicious coffee that is technically perfect while maintaining a quality service experience will be put to the test. If you’re in Kansas City, stop by this weekend to cheer Kelly on or say hi to our roasters and training team who will be serving coffee at the Roaster’s Village. Read more about the US Coffee Championships here.

Tasty Time at Fair Oaks Blvd. | March 22nd | 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 101 at 12pm
At our Arden- Arcade location (2600 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 101) we will be demoing how to use the V60 brewer. These brewers are great for the coffee nerd out there who loves to play with variables such as grind size, strength, and water temperature. We will go over some of the brewing basics and teach you how to make a delicious pour over at home!

What’s Brewin’ at the S St Cafe? | March 29th | 2829 S St at 12pm
Dark, light, underdeveloped, overdeveloped… these are common terms used to describe a specific roast, but what exactly do they mean? At our S Street Café (2829 S street, Sacramento), using Clever brewers, we will dive into tasting different roast profiles and discuss what these terms entail, what happens in the roast to cause them, and how to prevent them in a future roast.