May 2019 Coffee Events

Traditional Cupping | May 3rd | Temple Training Room, 2825 S St at 12pm
What’s a cupping? Just a fancy word for coffee tasting. Cupping is perhaps the most important skill a coffee professional can develop. Come to our training room to practice and better your palate as we taste and talk about our current and brand-new coffee offerings, including our first ever coffee from the Dominican Republic of the Congo. Yum!

Study, Sleep, Coffee Demo in Davis | May 10th | 239 G St at 12pm
The V60 pour over method, named after the 60-degree angle it uses to maintain an even brew, is an awesome addition to any coffee fan’s home set up. Come to our Davis café to learn how to brew the best V60 at home.

Keep Midtown Caffeinated at K St | May 17th | 2200 K St at 12pm
We often hear Baristas talking about “the Bloom” when they are brewing coffee. What do we mean when we use this term and what is really happening when we “Bloom” our coffee? At our Midtown café, we’ll explore this concept and taste for ourselves how it changes the coffee brew.

What’s Brewing at the S street Café? | May 24th | 2829 S St at 12pm
Some say coffee originated from Ethiopia when a farmer discovered his goats becoming excited after eating beans from a coffee plant. This humorous story is just one of many urban legends concerning coffee’s origin. Come to our S street café and learn the history of the coffee plant and how coffee went from a wild shrub to a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Coffee Break at 9th Street | May 31st | 1010 9th St at 12pm
A common question when buying coffee is how long does my coffee last? How can I keep it fresh longer? We’ll take a look at how fresh coffee makes a difference and talk about the steps we can take to keep our coffee tasting great.