November 2019 Coffee Events

November 1st | 239 G St, Davis | New Coffees: Come experience 3 of our new coffee offerings and taste the effects that origin, varietal, and process have on each coffee. For this delicious tasting we’ll meet at our Davis location with your favorite Temple trainer, Andrew.

November 8th | 2829 S St | Retail Demo:Do you want to get into home brewing but aren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for a gift for your coffee enthusiast friend? If so, come to our S Street café to try out some of our home brewing equipment and to taste our newest coffees! From various brew methods to tumblers and reusable straws, we’ve got you covered this holiday season with all the coffee gear you’ll need.

November 15th | 2200 K St | Dessert Pairing: Holiday buzz making things a little crazy? Well “stressed” spelled backwards is desserts! So if you need a chance to unwind and eat some free dessert, this tasting is for you! Come to our K Street café to try our tasty dessert and coffee pairing options. Every quarter we come up with new and enticing ways to pair our delicious coffees with desserts. This is a tasting you don’t want to miss!

November 22nd | 1010 9th St | Strength, Dilution, and Body: Does brew strength effect flavor or just our perception of flavor? Is there more to body then just, “heavy”, “medium”,or “light”? Come to our 9th Street location in Downtown to explore these questions and see for yourself the impact that your brew ratio has on the body and flavor of the final cup.

November 29th | No Cupping This Week:Happy Thanksgiving! The cupping this week is cancelled, but feel free to check out the cafes for extra special Black Friday deals!