October 2019 Coffee Events

October 4th | 2829 S St | Triangulation
Coffee triangulation is an exercise that tests your ability to notice differences between two coffees. By tasting the coffees side-by-side, you can pick up on characteristics that would otherwise go unnoticed. Test your palate on how well you can identify various coffees and pick out the proper and improper brews. Come participate in the “Where’s Waldo” of coffee tasting at our café and roastery on S Street.

October 11th | 1010 9th St | Stratification
Stratifi-What now? Stratification: “The state of having many layers.” What does this have to do with coffee? Join us as we experiment and talk about stratification and explore its influence in our brew at our 9th Street location.

October 18th | 1615 16th St | Coffee Freshness
They’re common questions when buying coffee, “How long does my coffee last?” and, “How can I keep it fresh longer?” We’ll take a look at how fresh coffee makes a difference and talk about the steps we can take to keep our coffee tasting great. Come compare the differences at our 16th street cafe.

October 25th | 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd | Coffee Culture History
Love coffee culture? Want to learn more about coffee culture history? This tasting is for you. Come to our Fair Oaks Blvd location to taste our newest offerings and participate in, as well as learn about, this ~400 year old tradition of drinking coffee in a coffee house.