Thank you everyone who participated in our Online Scavenger Hunt! We’ve got a 10 winners, who we’ll post soon.

Below are the answers to the questions. Any submissions after 11:45AM will not be accepted for prizes.

  1. With what coffee did Temple win CoffeeReview.com’s #1 Coffee of 2013 and what did it score? Ethiopia ECX, 96pts
  2. What is Temple’s standard coffee to water ratio? 2g coffee to every 1oz water
  3. What are Temple’s three pillars of sustainability? Fiscal, Social, Environmental
  4. In what video does Darth Vader make an appearance? How to Brew Pour Over Coffee
  5. How many of our farmers produce Geisha? 7
  6. What is Keller’s favorite Slurpee combination? Coke and Cherry
  7. Temple recommends using the Aeropress a little differently than suggested by its manufactures. What is the name for this way to brew coffee in an Aeropress? Inverted Aeropress
  8. Which current coffee offering took six months of planning and the sampling of 100 lots to create? Temple Select Brazil Araponga
  9. When will Specialty Coffee Week Sacramento take place? What is the official website URL? October 13-19, 2014; specialtycoffeeweek.com.
  10. What is the brand and model name of our roaster? German Probat UG-15

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